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About Streamity


Streamity project focuses on establishment of a powerful cryptocurrency exchange which will include a broad range of services and ensure benefits from cryptocurrency markets development, while avoiding complications and risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfer, and exchange.

A powerful StreamDesk aggregator ensuring exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies under smart contracts without intermediaries is the key element of Streamity project. StreamDesk prototype represents the main concept of the service (available online).

StreamDesk will also ensure immediate mutual exchange of cryptocurrencies, with maximum security and efficiency, suitable for most cryptocurrencies existing in the market. Cryptocurrency rate will be always bound to the “Market” section (which collects information from major stock exchanges and displays the value of cryptocurrencies and capitalization of companies). This means that the possibility to change prices for gaining excess profit simply does not exist! All fees are known in advance and will be presented below. This provides advantages both to investors, who will have a clear understanding of all prospects and future company’s profits from fees, and to users, who will benefit from a fair and transparent exchange mode with maximum security.

3% of total supply will be allocated for this bounty campaign:
Total Bounty Budget will be allocated along all bounties as follows:Facebook Campaign: 12%
Twitter Campaign: 12%
Blog/Media Campaign: 20%
Translation Campaign: 15%
Signature Campaign: 40%
Telegram Campaign: 1%

2nd stage from January 29, 2018 till April 29, 2018.

Reports for the week are on Wednesday 23:59

Facebook Campaign: 12%

How to Join
Like Official Facebook Fanpage: https://facebook.com/streamity

Facebook payment structure:
100 to 1000 Facebook friends: 10 stakes/Week
1001 to 5000 Facebook friends: 35 stakes/Week
5000+ Facebook friends: 50 stakes/Week

Terms and Rules:

1 | Facebook accounts must have a minimum of 300 Friends.
2 | Facebook accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
3 | You need to make 7 repost. And Create at least 3 post about Streamity in a week. with #Streamity #StreamityICO #ICO
4 | Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
5 | A user can participate in both campaigns at the same time.
6 | Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.

Fill this Form: https://goo.gl/2dP858 

Check your status here: https://goo.gl/PbvC1g

Twitter Campaign: 12%

How to Join
Follow the Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamityorg

Twitter payment structure:
Less than 500 followers: 1 stakes per retweet /Week
501 to 1000 followers: 3 stakes per retweet /Week
1000 or more followers: 10 stakes per retweet /Week

Terms and Rules:

1 | Twitter Accounts must have a Minimum of 300 Followers.
2 | Your audit score must be more than 85%.
3 | Twitter accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
4 | You must be an active and regular twitter user, and must be retweeting/sharing Streamity official tweets and updates.
5 | You need to make 7 retweets. And Create at least 3 tweets about Streamity in a week. with #Streamity #StreamityICO #ICO
6 | Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
7 | Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.

Fill this Form: https://goo.gl/7fWQg5   

Check your status here: https://goo.gl/PbvC1g 

Blog & Media Campaign: 20%

Write a blog post or Video quality.
All blogs and Videos will be divided into 3 different categories, and will be rewarded as follows:

Good: 100 Stakes
Medium: 70 Stakes
Normal: 40 Stakes

Terms and Conditions:

1 | Low quality blogs and videos will not be accepted.
2 | Blogs and Videos are definitely original. Copying graphics, text and other content is not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on websites, ANN threads, Facebook and Twitter)
3 | Blog must be longer than 1000 characters, less than 1000 characters will not be accepted.
4 | Video must be at least 2:30 minutes, shorter videos will not be accepted.
5 | The blog and Videos must have a link to the official website: https://streamity.org/ and links whitepaper: https://streamity.org/uploads/docs/en/Whitepaper_Streamity_en.pdf
6 | To prove ownership of your blog or media you must add your bitcointalk profile link to your blog post footer, and for video creator your Bitcointalk profile must be added in the video description.
7 | Manager and Team Streamity save the rights to increase or change any rules, payment structure and anything else if necessary.

Fill this Form: https://goo.gl/YnkVtJ 

Check your status here: https://goo.gl/PbvC1g 

Post a message in this thread with the following informations

We have allocated 1% of the total bounty allocation for the Telegram campaign. The reason why we allocated lesser percentage for Telegram bounty is that the tasks are quite easy to do.

Earn some tokens for joining our Telegram group!

Rules :

You have to join Streamity group and channel to receive your stakes!

Rates :

2 stakes per participant.

How to participate :
1) Join the Streamity group in Telegram https://t.me/streamityChat_en
2) Send a hello message in the Telegram group and then include it in the registration form.
3) You shall have an account on bitcointalk with the rank of at least Jr. Member
4) Add the Streamity at the end of your profile name ( Example: Artour | Streamity | ) till ICO ends
5) Write not less than 10 messages in the Telegram group during the campaign period. Not on one and the same day. No spam
6) Fill this Google form : https://goo.gl/CC7irA

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