GILGAMESH PLATFORM – Knowledge-Sharing Social Network Platform Powered By Ethereum Blockchain


For information on Gilgamesh Platform, please visit our website: Here

By participating in our bounty campaign, you can become part of the Gilgamesh project and help us create a wide and strong community.

Anyone can participate in multiple campaigns simultaneously as long as they meet the campaign’s requirements.

Here is a link to Bounty Campaign Medium Blog



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Bounty Program Reward

Bounty Reward: We have decided to allocate 1% of total GIL tokens[/b] minted after the crowdfunding,
which is 4% of the total amount of GIL tokens sold to token purchasers at the end of crowdsale

Note: considering that we are only selling 25% of our tokens to token purchasers,
and most of the remaining tokens (75% of GIL Tokens) left will be locked for at least one year.

Bounty Program Dates

Starting Date:
✨ Bounty campaign is open now. ✨

Distribution Date:
GIL Token Rewards will be distributed to the participants Ethereum addresses few weeks after the crowdsale ends.

Types of campaigns and funds distribution

Campaign  Percentage Total GIL Tokens*
Signature and avatar bounty  20% *
Translations bounty  15%  *
Blog post / Media bounty  10% *
Twitter bounty 10%  *
Facebook bounty  10% *
Bug bounty 1 0%  *
Telegram bounty  5%  *
Voting DAPP bounty  5% *
Miscellaneous bounty 15% *
* The above token allocations can vary based on the number of tokens that will get sold in the crowdfunding.

How the Bounty Program Works

For each specified action in the above campaigns, participants will receive “Stakes”: points used to calculate the final amount of GIL tokens rewarded.

How do stakes translate into GIL tokens? 

The rewarded amount is calculated by multiplying the total GIL token amount allocated to the campaign (previously determined)
by the proportion of the participant’s stakes to the total stakes in the campaign.

Example: If the total amount of GIL that will be distributed at the end of the campaign is 50M GIL, and the total number of stakes gained for the signature campaign is 40,000 and the user has gained 100 stakes.
Then he/she will receive [50,000,000 * 0.20 * (100/40,000)] = 25,000 GIL

Stay connected and don’t miss an update — follow these steps:

1. Sign up for the newsletter to catch all our updates regarding the token-sale, and join our community today, and don’t miss out on future prizes.

📚📚📚You MUST fill out the following form: 📚📚📚

2. Get the latest official news by following our medium blog.

3. Join our Telegram channel and group and don’t miss out on important announcements.

4. Join our Discord channel and ask questions in our bounty channels.

5. Follow us on TwitterFacebookRedditGithubYouTube.

By applying to one of the bounty campaign categories, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Gilgamesh Platform Bounty Program.

Bounty Terms and Conditions

1. To participate in the Bounty campaign, you must be at least 18 years old.

2. The exact dates, terms and conditions of the sale will be published on Gilgamesh Platform official website.

3. Provide valid email address in the bounty forms, in order to redeem GIL tokens.

4. In case of a token sale failure or termination, there will be no reward allocated for the bounty program.

5. Terms and conditions can change any time.

📚📚📚 Bounty Public Report will get updated with new members two days after you Join. 📚📚📚
Participant list — Keep track of your progress here: https://goo.gl/yYcvTm

Translation Bounty Campaign


▶ White Paper  translation: 80 Stakes

▶ BitcoinTalk original announcement thread: 20 Stakes

Terms and Conditions

1. You must get approval first before starting the translation.

2. Only professional translators are allowed.

3. BitcoinTalk Account level must be Jr. Member or higher.

4. You must have prior experience translating threads.

5. The use of Google Translator is NOT allowed.

6. You need to be able to manipulate text within images and respect original design.

7. Languages needed: Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Filipino.

8. ANN translators need to take the responsibility of moderation of their threads by keeping the thread active with translating.

Register for the Gilgamesh Platform Translation Campaign Here: https://goo.gl/KZVeVv

Participant list — Keep track of your progress here: https://goo.gl/yYcvTm#gid=650405186

Blog Post & Media Bounty Campaign

Blog posts can be published anywhere on the internet and they should be publicly accessible.

Videos should be published on Youtube or Steemit reviewing our product, crowdsale, and whitepaper.


Blog posts:

Blog posts geared towards the blockchain & crypto audience.

▶ 10+ shares: 10 Stakes

▶ 50+ shares: 20 Stakes

▶ 100+ shares: 50 Stakes

▶ 500+ shares: 150 Stakes

▶ Detailed Post: +50 Stakes.

Youtube video:

Youtube videos featuring Gilgamesh Platform towards a blockchain & crypto audience.

▶ Over 100 Views: 10 Stakes

▶ Over 1000 Views: 80 Stakes

▶ Over 10,000 Views: 700 Stakes

▶ Detailed Video: 50 to 200 Stakes.

Blog Terms and Conditions

1. The blog posts can be written in any language if you have more than 300 followers. Otherwise, it should be written in English.

2. The content should be unique and cannot be a copy of our whitepaper or someone else’s blog.

3. Must be publicly accessible

4. Must be more than 1000 character or more (without spaces)

5. Must contain 2 links to our webpage: https://GilgameshPlatform.com

Video Terms and Conditions

1. Video can be in any language only if your channel has more than 500 followers. Otherwise, it should be in English.

2. The video should be at least 5 minutes discussing Gilgamesh product, crowdsale, and our white paper.

3. The content should be unique and cannot be a copy of other videos.

4. The video should be posted on Youtube or Steemit.

5. Must contain at least 1 link to our webpage in the description: https://GilgameshPlatform.com

Register for the Gilgamesh Platform Blog & Video Campaign Here: https://goo.gl/mhdDNb

Submit Blogs and Videos to the bounty thread, find the sample template at the bottom of this post
Note: Submit one report per week. You can update it on a daily basis. We only accept one combined report per week.

Participant list — Keep track of your progress here: https://goo.gl/yYcvTm#gid=1943872725

Twitter Bounty Campaign

Join the Gilgamesh Platform Twitter bounty campaign by following the official Gilgamesh Platform Twitter account.


Rewards will be based on weekly stakes and will only be rewarded to eligible users as follows:

▶ 300 — 500 followers = 5 Stakes per week

▶ 500 — 1000 followers = 10 Stakes per week

▶ 1000 — 5000 followers = 20 Stakes per week

▶ 5000 — 10000 followers = 35 Stakes per week

▶ 10000+ followers = 50 Stakes per week

Terms and Conditions

1. Your Twitter account must have minimum 300 real followers

2. Your Twitter account must be active. Bot accounts won’t be accepted. Recent Twitter audit must be over 80% on TwitterAudit

3. Majority of your Twitter followers should be crypto-oriented

4. Follow Gilgamesh Platform official account on Twitter, @GilPlatform

5. Retweet at least 5 tweets per week from our Twitter account @GilPlatform.

6. Write 5 original tweets per week related to Gilgamesh Platform, starting from October 3rd

7. All original tweets must contain @GilPlatform and two hashtags out of the following #Blockchain #Ethereum #TokenSale #ICO

8. Tweets and retweets should not be deleted until the end of Token Sale

9. Submit your tweet and retweets every week to the bounty thread, find the sample template at the bottom of this post
Note: Submit one report per week. You can update it on a daily basis. We only accept one combined report per week.

10. Any tweet or retweet after the Token Sale is invalid

Register for the Gilgamesh Platform Twitter Campaign Here: https://goo.gl/p39nY3
Participant list — Keep track of your progress here: https://goo.gl/yYcvTm#gid=605775600

Facebook Bounty Campaign

Help spreading the word about Gilgamesh Platform on Facebook.
We will be posting news articles, blogs, and updates on our official Facebook page. Every like counts, so be sure to join and get your share of our Facebook bounty.


▶ Every post like = 5 Stakes

▶ Comment = 10 Stakes
Note: at least 30 characters per comment

▶ Post = 20 Stakes

▶ Note: use hashtags #GilgameshPlatform or #GILToken

▶ Public share of any post = 30 Stakes

Terms and Conditions

1. Use one Facebook account per person, multi-accounts will be blacklisted.

2. You must be an active and regular Facebook user. Inactive, dead, fake and bot accounts will not be accepted.

3. Your Facebook account must have a minimum 200 friends. The number of friends must be public.

4. Subscribe to our official Facebook page by Liking and Following.

5. All shared links must be public, so we can track your activities, the rest of your page can remain private

6. The posts must not be removed from your Facebook page until the end of the Bounty campaign.

7. The account must be at least 4 months old

8. Like, Share, comment on posts after October 3rd

9. All posts and reposts should have the hashtag #GilgameshPlatform or #GILToken 

10. Note: make sure to add the hashtags so we can find your posts

11. Share at least 6 posts/week from Gilgamesh Platform page to be eligible for the week.

12. Write at least 5 posts/week, Maximum number of posts a week is 10.

13. Join Facebook ICO Groups: Start a conservation about Gilgamesh or write a comment and participate in existing posts and suggest Gilgamesh. (Please avoid SPAMMING, so you don’t get blocked) – The Maximum number of comments or posts in a week is 35. Here is a link to ICO Groups  Also, participate in FB Polls.

14. Submit your activity every week to the bounty thread, find the sample template at the bottom of this post
Note: Submit one report per week. You can update it on a daily basis. We only accept one combined report per week.

Register for the Gilgamesh Platform Facebook Campaign Here: https://goo.gl/HztbfP You can also optionally reply to this thread as well

Participant list — Keep track of your progress here: https://goo.gl/yYcvTm#gid=424346857

15. Please report the number of Likes.

Telegram Bounty Campaign

Join Gilgamesh Platform telegram Group & Channel
▶ Join our Telegram Channel 5 Stakes
▶ Join our Telegram Group and stay active 10 Stakes

Terms and Conditions
– Using multiple accounts is not allowed.

Register for the Gilgamesh Platform Telegram Campaign Here: https://goo.gl/TbJ37j

Participant list — Keep track of your progress here: https://goo.gl/yYcvTm#gid=2113756652

Bounty Campaign Part 2

Bug Bounty Campaign
We have allocated a portion of our bounty for the Bug Bounty. Up to 10% bounty program is dedicated for the Bug Bounty.
The bounty judges, in their sole discretion, will determine the reward based on their evaluation of both the likelihood and impact of the bug. All reward decisions are final.

Bug & Vulnerability reports:
● Minor Bug: 10 Stakes
● Small Bug: 100 Stakes
● Medium Bug: 200 Stakes
● Serious Bug: 500 Stakes
● Crash Bug: 1000 Stakes

Please submit your report by filling the following form: https://goo.gl/Y3Qzec
Also send an email to tokensale@gilgameshplatform.com with a subject line: “Bug Bounty” and include the details of the bug in the email.

Note: Please include the details on how to reproduce the bug and a detailed solution.

Reddit Bounty Campaign

Due to lack of participation, reddit bounty has been closed, existing participants will be rewarded

Votin DAPP Bounty Campaign – 5% of of the Total Bounty Supply

Contribute to the Gilgamesh Platform by using our Voting DAPP on Ropsten on testnet.


▶ 10 Stake per Vote.

Terms and Conditions

1. You have to be an active BitcoinTalk user

2. You have to at least be a Junior member of BitcoinTalk

3. One vote per user

4. Vote on a proposal using MetaMask or MyEtherWallet

5. Fill the following form to signup and get free GIL tokens on testnet.
Note: make sure you share your Ethereum address on testnet

Register for the Gilgamesh Platform Voting DAPP Campaign Here: https://goo.gl/7UoJfB

Participant list — Keep track of your progress here: https://goo.gl/yYcvTm#gid=0

Voting DAPP Video Tutorial

More details will be announced.

Any questions? Email us at: gilgameshplatform@gmail.com

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