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More cryptocurrencies, more payment methods

Thank you for your interest in the LocalCoinSwap bounty program!

Together we are going to create the world’s most inclusive and expansive peer-to-
peer exchange.

The basic sale price of our crowdsale is 0.0004 ETH per Cryptoshare, and we have 5,000,000 Cryptoshares available through the bounty program to promote andmarket the project, out of a total of 100,000,000.

5,000,000 Cryptoshares at 0.0004 ETH each = 2000 ETH

This is over 2 million ($2,000,000) USD worth of Cryptoshares.

Why are we giving away so many Cryptoshares as part of this project?

A crucial driver of new business on the LocalCoinSwap marketplace is the user base of Cryptoshare holders. By giving away such a large portion of the Cryptoshareissuance we are organically driving the community growth of the platform right from the start.

We are giving away 5% of the profits and ownership of the platform to you in
exchange for helping us expand our community!

To understand the project better please read the WHITE PAPER and Announcement Thread


Social Networks(15%)

Twitter campaign


This campaign will reward you for building the LocalCoinSwap twitter presence. Stakes will be paid depending on followers.


250-749 followers: 10 stake per tweet or retweet
750-1499 followers: 20 stakes per tweet or retweet
1500-9999 followers: 40 stakes per tweet or retweet
10.000+ followers: 60 stakes per tweet or retweet


1. Follow LocalCoinSwap on Twitter
2. Minimum 3 tweets and 3 retweets per week Maximum 2 tweets or retweets per day
3. Twitter audit score (https://www.twitteraudit.com/) must be equal to at least 85%. Only real followers from the last audit will count.
4. Twitter followers will not be updated after having registered in the campaign.
5. Submit your report on Every Sunday. We will add stakes on every Monday.

How to participate

Register with this form > https://goo.gl/Wc16CQ

Twitter Participant’s list


Facebook campaign


This campaign rewards community members for their participation on Facebook.


100-500 Followers/Friends: 50 stakes per share+like
500-1500 Followers/Friends: 100 stakes per share+like
1500-3000 Followers/Friends: 200 stakes per share+like
3000 Plus Followers/Friends: 300 stakes per share+like


1. Follow and like the LocalCoinSwap Facebook page
2. Minimum of 4 posts+likes per week, maximum of 2 per day
3. Participants must share 4 LocalCoinSwap posts.
4. Accounts with fake friends and followers are disqualified.
5. Participants who post negative or spamming comments are disqualified.
6. Submit your report on Every Sunday. We will add stakes on every Monday.

How to participate

Register with this form > https://goo.gl/TVdKJu

Facebook Participant’s list


Video Campaign (15%)(Youtube, other video sharing platforms)

This campaign rewards vloggers, video producers and visual content experts who spread the word about the LocalCoinSwap project.


Per video: 100 stakes
Longer than 5 minutes = +200 stakes
(Quality score)
Substandard quality: 0% of stakes
Low quality: 50% of stakes
Medium quality: 100% of stakes
High quality: 150% of stakes


1. Videos must be at least 1:30 min long.
2. Videos must not be negative or offensive.
3. Videos or comment on video must include at least a link to the LocalCoinSwap website: www.localcoinswap.com
4. Videos must get a minimum of 100 views.

How to participate

Register with this form > https://goo.gl/cXSGED

Participant’s list


Articles/Reviews (15%)(Reddit, Steemit, Medium, Quora, personal Blogs, longer Facebook posts,


This campaign will reward you for your content creating skills. You can share your article across multiple platforms including your own blog. You will receive larger stakes for certain platforms as well as word count.


100+ Words = 50 stakes
500+ Words = 100 stakes
750+ Words = 200 stakes
1000+ Words = 300 stakes
1500+ Words = 400 stakes
(duplicate articles on additional platforms grant an extra 10 stakes, the highest
possible bonus will still be awarded)
Steemit Article = +200 stakes
Medium Article = +100 stakes
Reddit Article = +50 stakes
(Quality score)
Substandard quality: 0% of stakes
Low quality: 50% of stakes
Medium quality: 100% of stakes
High quality: 150% of stakes


1. (If posting content on Reddit you must subscribe to LocalCoinSwap subreddit r/localcoinswap)
2. Article/Blog/Post must be about a relevant topic to LocalCoinSwap
3. Languages other than English may be accepted but email team@localcoinswap.com first
4. The blog/post/article must not be offensive or negative
5. The content must be created by you, not copied or plagiarised. If you need ideas email team@localcoinswap.com
6. The content must link to the LocalCoinSwap website

How to participate

Register with this form > https://goo.gl/PbW6tG

Participant’s list




This campaign will reward community members of LocalCoinSwap who are fluent in other languages and use those skills to grow the project to new regions. You will receive increased stakes for tasks with a greater workload and time commitment.


Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese,Hindi


Creation of local Telegram/WeChat group+translation of pinned announcements
from main group: 10 stakes + 2 stakes per member at end of campaign
ANN plus bounty threads: 50 stakes + 5 stakes per valid post (update with a
briefing in your language)
Official blog post or article: 25 stakes per full translation of an official article
Whitepaper translation: 300 stakes


1. Quality of translation must be of a reasonable standard.
2. We won’t pay for a dead thread. you should post updates and keep the thread live.

How to participate

Register with this form > https://goo.gl/bZFuzw

Participant’s list


Reserved (20%)

Are you a smart and creative person? This campaign rewards community members who can think of a creative and unique way to market or grow the
LocalCoinSwap platform. Exceptionally creative participants may be invited to join the LocalCoinSwap team.Please email team@localcoinswap.com with your idea. We will get back to you on whether it is eligible.

Additional Rules
1. Use http://www.localcoinswap.com/ when creating the content.
2. Payment addresses will NOT be changed after the submission.
3. Any kind of Euphemistic Or Inoffensive behavior when promoting LocalCoinSwap will result in Quick Entitlement from the bounty campaign.
4. Campaign manager’s decisions are final.

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