INVOX FINANCE – The World’s Most Innovative Invoice Lending Platform

About INVOX Finance

Invox Finance Pty Ltd is a successful invoice financing company based in Indonesia, Australia.

Many businesses, especially small businesses, involved in the supply of goods and services struggle to stay afloat due to cash-flow problems. They are unable to meet day-to-day expenses and commitments as there is a lack of cash being generated on a regular basis.

This refers to the invoice financing facility, where the investor advances to the seller against the bill issued as
“Invoice lending” or “invoice loan” or “lending”.

System users

  • Investors are looking for higher returns and diversified investment portfolios.
  • Sellers that have invoices they want to sell to accelerate their cash flow.
  • Buyers who will receive an invoice payment period are renewed and rewarded for verifying the invoice.

Traditional Invoicing Financing Works


Other Financing Options for Sellers

  • Bank overdraft
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Unsecured business loan from a non-banking financier
  • Populous

The Invox Finance Model

We plan to disrupt and revolutionise the traditional invoice finance industry by implementing a global distributed peer-to-peer lending platform called the Invox Finance Platform. This platform will completely eliminate the need for a financier’s involvement by connecting businesses that wish to accelerate their cash-flow through selling their invoices (“sellers”), directly with investors who wish to finance these invoices.

Invox Finance’s differences

  • Decentralised Platform
  • Direct Access to Investors
  • Lower Rates for Sellers
  • A new way for Investors to Diversify

The Platform Overview

The Invox Financial Platform overview will consist of the following

  • Dynamic Invoice Smart Contracts
  • Loans Smart Contracts
  • User Access and Processing Hub
  • Bank API Integration

Use of Invox Token?

  • providing access to the platform through the Trusted Member Program
  • Award work is done for the platform. That is, the system
    will reward buyers and sellers with Invox Tokens for invoices
    verification, invoice payment and settlement.

Token Allocation


  • Stage 1

The Founders’ Investment Founded by the team from ABR Finance, we already have six years of experience in the invoice financing industry. Through ABR Finance, we have also created bespoke financing software for traditional invoice financing, which has lead the founding team to discover the limitations of centralised systems. The team will have invested over $500,000 AUD in cash into Invox Finance. This investment was used
to create an initial community, develop this white paper, conduct an ICO, establish a system framework,
and, most importantly, engineer the Dynamic Invoice Smart Contract. This Ledger facilitates the creation
and registration of invoices in a dynamic digital format to promote authenticity and transparency
for all parties involved and safeguard against data manipulation by any one party. This was the proof of
concept and the first step in creating Invox Finance Platform.

  • Stage 2

Finalising the ICO and MVP The main objective will be to complete the ICO, and finalise the development of the
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) . Once the MVP is complete, Invox Finance will run a trial with ABR Finance as its first customer to demonstrate a use case and commence rigorous user testing. This will allow for multiple sellers and buyers to test the Invox Finance Platform with ABR Finance as the investor.

  • Stage 3

Goals for use of ICO funds The first goal will be to fully develop the Invox Finance Platform so that it can handle the scale necessary to meet the goals detailed in this White Paper. Secondly, the team will roll out the
Invox Finance Platform to the public. Following this, will be the creation of a community around the Invox Finance Platform of investors, buyers and sellers to ensure a substantial amount of users within the Invox
Finance Platform. This will be achieved through marketing, grassroots engagement, brand ambassadors and partners. The final goal will be to engage and partner with other distributed platforms and other parties who can bring extra value to the Invox Finance Platform.









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