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Reunite with me rachman mahesa. In this opportunity we will discuss the project of course very extraordinary. What I recommend to you all.

In everyday life we would want to keep our crypto assets from thieves (Hackers) who are not responsible for what they do. This time that I discussed in a security for you to keep your crypto assets from thieves.

DIW or DIWToken is a very remarkable project that engages in Security and Decentrasisation. DIW’s unique concept plans to present the problems that we the modern world.

Problem Issues
  • Breach of Data Breaches There is an increasing amount of sensitive data intercepted or even stolen globally all those people and businesses alike, which to the unimaginable and offline.
  • Utilizing Crypto Currency Within just 12 months, the total market cap of all Crypto Currencies has increased significantly. However, crypto currency is only used in crypto and online communities – not in ‘real life’, its use is limited
  • Growing Online Fraudsters Discovering reliable and professional individuals and businesses working online proves harder and harder. Every year, more people and fraudulent businesses, staying with product, service or, even worse, no standards at all. Recently a revised report of 75% of companies included in the global survey has fallen victim to fraud, with 69% of the amount suffering financial losses. The number of attacks on individuals is even higher, because they are less prepared, so more prone to attack.
DIW plans to bridge and resolve all issues that have been implied with its global recognition, blockchain based, decentralized network, complete with its own ecosystem and currency.

DIW can access the network anonymously, where they can safely store their ‘Virtual Life’ entirely including sensitive documents such as passports, contracts, electronic medical records and login info.

Organizations and individuals worldwide will be able to take part and service in the form of Global Directories. Access to the network is only available to legitimate holders, after having confirmed their account by completing KYC / KYS documentation. The transaction will be completed in full transparency and all network members will be able to see their real-life performance in the form of a rating score.

DIW Tokens will be used and accepted across the network for transactions between members, which are of higher security. Additional services such as encrypted storage solutions, digital wasiated services and hardware purses for enhanced security will also be offered to premium members.

To overcome all that, DIW prepares to introduce Payment Gateway that will be easily integrated into e-commerce websites that accept fiat and Crypto currency that allows the use of crypto currency in everyday life, with DIW Token being the most ideal form of payment .

Function sitting at the core of DIW project above. With this build, the possibilities are endless. Security is an increasing priority, DIW will be a private safe haven – allowing safe storage, access and sharing of information, willing to buy online safely and help its members find, connect and work with true professionals. At any given time, its members can only provide convenient information for them to share with others. All of this will be made possible in a transparent network, which displays its own ecosystem.

Bidang Aplikasi

The Application field or app used by DIWtoken for their project is live now. Of course this is amazing. There are 5 applications used DIWtoken, namely:

  1. Dome
  2. Payment Gateway
  3. Global Directory
  4. Escrow Payment
  5. Vision | Electronic health records
DIWANA safe storage of sensitive information such as identification documentation, password, bank account and credit card information, KYC or KYS validated documents relevant, willed, and other valuables highly encrypted, secure and decentralized personal data. The platform is also safe for most of them.

Payment Gateway
Provide ground breaking and secure media for site owners to receive payments, using a single DIW decentralized login platform. DIW Payment Gateway, will be an easy checkout system integrated for many ecommerece sites including those featuring Open Source CMS like WordPress and Joomla.

Global Directory
DIW plans to introduce its plan to introduce global directories where account holders, whether individuals or organizations, will be able to list their services and theirs. The directory will display the system.

Escrow Payment
Another key feature of the DIW platform is the smart contract – escrow-based services that will be mutually inter-party transactions. DIW paid escrow services, will be easy to use but at the same time and smart, guaranteed all conditions of the transaction met before.

Vision | Electronic Health Records
This will be an omission for. Our vision for DIW is to cover this sector by keeping encrypted and secure storage of private ETHs between validated account sizes and laboratories, pharmacists, physicians or other health professionals with the option of using an intelligent teknooloogi contract that is already in the DIW network.

How DIW Token is so incredible, Due to a very remarkable project that works in the field of Security and to decentralize. DIW’s unique concept plans to present the problems that we the modern world.


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