EMMARES — EMail MArketing REwarding System based on decentralized blockchain technology


EMMARES is connecting high-quality email content with interested
recipients. Encouraging better quality content, lower frequency, and fair
content evaluation, EMMARES brings new value, an expanded audience
for email marketers and less spam with only desired content for

Using the smart services offered by EMMARES, email recipients will be email marketing content up to their standards and customized for them based on their interests and region. Our mission is to make the world spam-free and to play a leading role in uncovering the possibilities of a dynamic content evaluation and smart delivery system. Armed with these email marketing facts, we know that email marketing is as relevant as ever.

The advantages of EMMARES

  • Email marketers — Publishers
  1. building your reputation as a quality Email marketer,
  2. getting access to new, exactly targeted recipients who are interested in your type of service/ topic/ product,
  3. enhancing recipients engagement.
  • Token buyers
  1. where everyone gets only the content they are interested in and Email marketers get higher ROI.
  • Mailing recipients — Evaluators
  1. Exchange tokens with marketers or
  2. use them for your own rewarding pool (If you are a Publisher as well
    as Evaluator)

Token distribution

Token implementation

EMA is an ERC20 Token implemented in the Ethereum blockchain app platform. The Ethereum Contract for EMA Tokens and all other contracts are written in Solidity programming language. All Decentralized EMMARES Marketplace users will collect their EMA in Ethereum Wallet.

Email marketers will use EMMARES (EMA)

  1. Upon digitally signing the rewards contract, the sender pays the agreed number of EMA coins plus a service fee to a special campaign wallet that holds the tokens until the budget is fully utilized.
  2. The recipient evaluates email content quality and is rewarded by EMA tokens.
  3. After the rewarding pool is fully disbursed and/or the deadline has passed, the recipient can still review the provider’s content but they will not be rewarded in crypto-tokens. Such ratings are not on the blockchain and are not relevant to the combined quality score. This way, recipients will be motivated to evaluate content quickly, giving their impressions on the content soon after it is first published. In turn, publishers will be motivated to provide an optimal rewards pool to get relevant quality assessments on the blockchain.
  4. Users will be able to change ETH to EMA and vice versa through the DEX exchanges.
  5. GAS and service fees are deployed within every cycle to cover blockchain transactions and service fees.














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